Wireless power — at last!

Cool! Wireless power at last. Excerpt below:

“Splashpower wants to cut the charger cord

(InfoWorld) – You can use them while jogging, take them into the
woods, or ride with them on the open sea, but portable gadgets still
need to head back to base every time their batteries need recharging.
The power cord remains the final connection to the wired world for
many devices now that technologies like Bluetooth are replacing data
cables — but it too might be going away if a U.K. startup gets its

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  1. Mike Levey

    Hi Joel,
    I just read your blog and I had a question for you. I am doing research and trying to find all the companies that currently do wireless power for low powered devices.

    So far, I have identified a few others besides Splashpower such as Wildcharge, EnOcean, Batteries, Mobile Wire, and Power Pet.

    Do you know of any other companies now in this space that provide wireless power for low powered devices? Or perhaps any other blogs or wireless websites / industry websites where I can get help as far as finding all the companies in this space?

    I’m grateful for any help you can provide. I’m glad to share with you a final list I put together as far as all companies in the wireless power space that perhaps you could publish on your website..



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