Clearwater 2018

Sam and I met at Camp Clearwater for a day of trout fishing today. The local TU chapter puts 1,500 pounds of trout into the lake each year for a winter trout fishery (it’s too warm for them to reliably survive the summer). It was a cool, blustery day with temps dropping all day into […]

Clearwater reduex 

I’ve written here several times about trout fishing at Clearwater Lake, and today was the second trip this season for Sam and I to head out. It’s always great fun and camaraderie, even when the fish don’t cooperate. We each landed a few, missed a few more, and dodged our own flys on the back […]

Clearwater 2016, v1

As my (one or two?) regular readers know, I like to visit a local “lake” that the TU chapter stocks with trout for a winter fishery. Let’s see, trout, hanging out with a few fellow anglers I don’t see often enough, only 15 minutes from my house, what’s not to like? On January 9th, I […]

Another day at Clearwater

Two days of fishing in the last three?  Wow! Sam and I met at Camp Clearwater today to try for winter-stocked trout (too warm here in the NC piedmont for a natural population). This is such civilized fishing.  Leisurely morning at home, walk the dogs, breakfast with the wife, newspaper, coffee, and then drive less […]

Camp Clearwater Trout

I’d been eagerly awaiting the “trout season” at Camp Clearwater lake, just a handful of miles from my house in Chapel Hill, NC. The lake is seasonally stocked with rainbow trout by the local Trout Unlimited chapter and it’s run as an annual cold-weather catch & release fishery. The trout get acclimated very quickly, getting […]

Camp Clearwater trout

It’s December, and that means it’s time for the cold weather trout fishery to start up in central NC. Trout can’t summer over here in the piedmont, and the closest naturally reproducing trout are a couple hours drive toward the mountains. However, the local Trout Unlimited chapter partners with some local folks here to stock […]

Winter trout

Today was my second day this season to fish the lake at Camp Clearwater, a YMCA camp near Chapel Hill. It’s just 8 miles from my house, and the local TU chapter supports a winter trout fishery there. It has been winter for sure, even here in the south, and the north bank of the […]

Orange County (NC) trout

Today was my 2nd day of the season to fish for winter trout in Clearwater Lake. Sam and I fished there on December 4th and had a nice day, albeit a bit cold. Well, it was much warmer today, but the forecast all week had been for rain today and that was the case! The […]