Monthly Archives: September 2015

Watch OS 2 fixes fixes my wrist detection error

I’ve been a happy Apple Watch user since I got mine on June 1st. While there were limitations in the apps, the promise of exciting functionality was there. It quickly became indispensable. I found texting to be a killer app, and I used the fitness tracker daily. I found a tide table app that’s perfect for helping with coastal fishing and boating. However, three weeks ago, the wrist detection process stopped working. I tried all the  “home remedies” I could Google up, to no avail. I wiped and reloaded, I stood on my head while putting it on my wrist–not really, but you get the idea. I had to turn off wrist detection as one thing it did was stop workout tracking when it locked after 15 seconds. Turning off wrist detection also turned off Apple Pay (not that I’ve used it more than twice, to buy coffee at McDonald’s). I thought about sending it in for replacement (the hive mind was split between software errors and sensor errors) but decided to wait for the OS 2 update, betting that it was a software error (or a deep config setting that the wipe did not update). So, after a nearly 2 week delay in the release of the OS, it was available today, and I’m pleased to say wrist detection is working perfectly again.

Now I’m looking forward to OS 2 apps!

More adventures with Nest products

I wrote here in July that I’d installed a Nest Protect and was very pleased with it, and ordered another. The second one works just fine, and replaced the other legacy detector in the house, but I did have some configuration problems getting it to work.  I could not get the second one to talk to the first. This gave me an opportunity to contact the excellent (English speaking!) tech support group at Nest. I got a quick and comprehensive answer to my problem (essentially, I had to do a “reset” on the second Protect to cleanly restart the configuration process). The two systems are communicating fine, and both are working as designed.  The downstairs unit continues to carry the load, as its location next to the kitchen means that it picks up smoke from broiling and frying.  We continue to appreciate the polite “heads up” feature. I also like the “path light” feature; we use it differently on the two systems, with it set as an “always on” nightlight upstairs, but only as a “walk by” feature on the downstairs unit.

nest thermostat

Today, I added in a Nest Thermostat to the mix.  Installation was simple (I did check the configuration before I ordered the unit). Configuration took 15-20 minutes as you connect it to the network, it downloads a couple of software updates, and then go thru system configuration and testing. The house has three HVAC systems, and the one I replaced was the only unit without a digital thermostat. I could have gotten a digital thermostat for much less, and a programmable one for perhaps half the cost of the Nest.  However, my experiences with programmable thermostats are that most of the time they don’t get programmed, and the idea of the “self programming” Nest is intriguing.  How well will it work with other units controlled by dumb thermostats?  Is it going to be worth replacing one or more of the others? I don’t know, but it was a good place to start. The room that it’s in is the main room in the house, and it’s challenging from a thermal perspective. It has large windows facing due west, and it picks up a lot of solar gain.  Good in the winter, less so in the cooling season. So, this will be a continuing saga. Stay tuned!