Monthly Archives: November 2012

Google Drive iOS app

The newest update to the Google Drive app is very helpful to those of us who frequently want to work with Google Docs from iOS devices. Now, we’ve got an effective tool for collaborative editing of both Docs and Sheets in the GoogleVerse. I’ve used the Docs update tool frequently, and am excited to have an equivalent tool for Sheets now. If you’ve not tried the Drive app, I give it two thumbs up!

New generation Samsung Chromebook 11.6/wifi

I just received my new ChromeBook today (see my earlier thoughts about this). I love the quick setup of Chrome! I have two ChromeOS devices at the office (a Samsung ChromeBook 5 550, and a ChromeBox; see my earlier posts) so I’m familiar with ChromeOS as a user. I just popped it out of the box this afternoon, logged in, and it downloaded an update, my “Chromeness” 😉 , and then I was good to go. Have just used it a couple of hours, but I’m quite impressed so far. The keyboard feels very nice, the display is clear and bright and it’s a pleasure to use. I’ve used it to make a Google phone call and a Google videoconference. It’s carrying 1/2 the memory and has a slower processor than the ChromeBook 5 550, but I’ve not seen a performance difference so far. Have not tried streaming video yet, nor graphically intense web sites, but I do have 12 browser tabs open now.

Overall, it has a build “feel” that’s just as good as the 5 550, and $200 less. For $249, it’s hard to beat for most of what I need to do that’s not handled by my iPad and iPhone ;-). I’m happy to have personally bought this one for myself. I’ll pass the 5 550 on to someone else at the office to evaluate.