REDD, a win-win opportunity?

A win-win opportunity to reduce carbon, help support people in the developing world, and save some trees, too? As this article from The Economist says, reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation (REDD), given the scale of potential reduction, even if it doesn’t live up to some of the most optimistic projections, still likely could make a substantive impact on carbon emissions. Worth a try…

A key thought here is that it’s time to start with actions, even if they aren’t perfect. We’ve got to attack climate change on multiple fronts, try some things, and if they work great. Things that don’t work, well, we can try something else. We’ll not make progress if we expect all solutions to be perfectly formed and congruent with a particular worldview. It’s going to take innovation, flexibility, thoughtfulness, the public sector and the private sector to make a dent in climate problems.

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