Monthly Archives: September 2008

New boat at the lake

The weather and lake water levels cooperated on Sunday, and we were able to squeeze in a few hours to go to Jordan Lake Sunday. We had a family gathering in the late afternoon, so we had to leave early. However it was a good excuse to take the new boat and the dogs and go enjoy some late September fun. The dogs like having more room to run around the boat. I know I’m going to enjoy it!

New boat!

OK, as I mentioned in my last post, it looked like time to look at a new boat that was more reliable and a bit bigger. Here’s what I went with, a Carolina Skiff 1765 with a 60HP Suzuki. The dealer added a couple of options like the larger fuel tank, a live well, and some hatch covers; additionally, I added a depth finder and a swim ladder. I pick it up Saturday!

Will be great for trying to fish in the flats at the coast 😉

A problem or an opportunity?

At the beach this weekend; the weather is beautiful, here with my wife, the neighbors, the dogs, a case of wine… 😉 the kids are all off at college…

Tried to take the boat to Bear Island today, but the motor wouldn’t run. Instead, had to sit on the beautiful, mostly unpeopled beach here on Emerald Isle, and polish off some wine, eat cheese, swim…So, that’s not a problem! The opportunity? Maybe I should trade in this 10-year old boat for a new one…better go check the listings at Chatlee Marine. I want a Carolina Skiff…17 or 19? Hmmmm…..

Book Review, “Fooled by Randomness” by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

This evening I finished reading “Fooled by Randomness” by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. This is, more or less, the “prequel” to his more famous “The Black Swan”. I read the 2nd edition of this book, the “trade paperback” edition, which included additional material in several chapters. This edition was released in 2005; the original in 2004. I loaned my neighbor my copy of “The Black Swan,” and she loaned me her copy of “Fooled by Randomness.”

I liked this book, and actually found it more readable and original than “The Black Swan.” This book covers much of the same territory, though not in as much detail, and is, as Taleb states several times, more of a stream of consciousness where he’s writing from his knowledge and perspectives, making observations and not worrying about producing an academic tome. I won’t attempt to do more an summarize his thesis, that we are biologically programmed to be susceptible to being “fooled by randomness” and his efforts to overcome the biases that this generates. Taleb is an entertaining and engaging writer. If you believe that randomness and chance, positive or negative (the metaphorical black swan amid the white flock) has a lot to do with life and success, you will enjoy this book. If you take yourself too seriously and conflate luck with skill, you won’t 😉

Pick it up, and give it a read…