Bad computer karma…

Well, I have been using a little Toshiba linux appliance for my internet gateway for probably about 4 or 5 years now (an SG10; actually, I have two of them) and I finally decided to retire it since I was not using any of the disk storage nor any of the features from having a linux box as my gateway; in fact, I got a “nasty-gram” from about a glitch with the dns updates.  So, I said, what the heck, I’ll just use my Airport as a router, not a bridge wireless (got the Airport a couple months ago when the 5-year old linksys AP finally died).  Well, it was not straightforward.  It didn’t like being converted from bridge to router, and then, for some reason I can’t parse, though it purports to support the RFC 1819 addresses of 10.0 and 192.168, it didn’t like to route the 192.168 setting, and that killed an hour or so until I figured that out.  I dunno why.  Then, I tried to use a USB disk with the Airport, and it rebooted…but it’s not all the Airport’s fault.  I also had a run-in with the software to configure TCP ports for an old Kyocera-Minolta laser printer.  Seems that it has to reboot when you take out the old port, and reboot when you add the new port, and if you try to short circuit and only reboot once on the XP box where I was setting this up, then it gets really unhappy.  Earlier in the week, a disk died on an old Gateway box I have (gotta rebuild it this weekend).  Grrr….

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