Daily Archives: June 10, 2007

At the lake again!

A great day at Jordan Lake…Jan and I took the boat (working now!), the dogs, and our oldest son and headed out. The dogs just love it. Hung out in the cove pictured (sorry about the quality of the picture, it’s taken with my phone) here for a while, then ran the boat over to the other side of the lake, and found a really great little beach we had not stopped at before. We’re going back next weekend, weather permitting, and that’s the place we’ll head first. Lots of folks on the water today, but not quite as many as Memorial Day weekend.

Project Graduation

Chapel Hill/Carrboro Schools participate in Project Graduation (for 15 years now, I think), an event designed to help keep the high school graduates focused on having a safe party and avoiding the tragedies of drinking & driving. UNC-CH provides the Student Union, the community contributes financially, and volunteers staff a great event from 10PM to 4AM on the night of high school graduation. There is food (of course!), great raffle prizes (iPods and the like), and tons of games. Casino games, bungee jumps, inflatables, bowling…you name it, it’s there. This year for the 2nd in a row, Jan and I worked the 1AM to 4AM shift. It’s tough on the biological clock, but for a worthy cause. Our youngest will be a senior next year, and our oldest graduated two years ago, but it’s important for the community to volunteer and support this event! Cash is always welcome too 😉