Shooting clay birds!

Got out today to enjoy some of this excellent November weather. Went to Buckhorn Gun Club (off Mt. Willing Road, south of I85) for a couple of rounds of skeet. My first round was only 19/25, as I missed one from station 3 & 5, both from station 4, and a couple of others…my second round was better, 22/25, and should have been 23/25, as I missed one that I usually hit about 98% of the time. I missed the high house birds from station 3 and station 4, and the low house bird on station 8. That’s the one I usually powder. Took my “extra” shot on that one, and promptly pasted the bird.

One thing that I have to keep reminding myself is that it’s very hard to shoot in front of the bird, but quite easy to shoot behind one. Remember that your shot column is about 30 inches long when it gets to the bird. Even if you lead too much, you are likely to hit the bird with the tail of the shot column — but once behind, always behind 😉

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