Daily Archives: October 12, 2005

October outing, Troop449

BSA troop 449 took held its October outing over the weekend of 10/8 & 10/9 at Moorefields, just south of Hillsborough NC. Moorefields is a private historical site but it is open for many uses. Be sure to call (919)732-4941 for permission to visit. Moorefields is a neat place, with the old plantation house built in 1785 as the summer home of US Supreme Court Justice Alfred Moore. It’s got acres of open space, woods, and frontage along 7-Mile Creek. Troop 449 has used it for camping for many years. On this trip, we brought our tools and worked on clearing some of the many trails on the property.

This trip was a bit damp, but it’s nice to get out in the woods!